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7 Essential Ingredients for a Balanced Life

Life Lessons for Women is a true self-help book. Whether you’re a stay at home mother managing a household, a career woman balancing work and family, a single mom trying to fill all the gaps, or simply a woman tired of feeling tired, Life Lessons for Women is for you. Through stories and advice, this book will unveil sensible secrets that will help you value yourself, savor everyday experiences, and find time to live with more joy and peace in a chaotic world.

Inside this book, you’ll not only find extraordinary stories from ordinary women, but practical advice on:

  • Pursuing your hopes and dreams
  • Balancing your priorities
  • Pampering yourself—without guilt
  • Building strong relationships
  • Discovering your authentic passion
  • Having a sense of adventure and humor
  • Embracing simplicity
  • Recognizing your strengths
  • Giving back to the community